What's the funniest handcrafted gift you've ever received?
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What's the funniest handcrafted gift you've ever received?

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The choice of gifts does not care about the price, the most important thing is the sincerity. The person who gives the gift works hard, and the person who receives the gift is full of joy. This is the value of a good gift! Who can resist this friendship by making a gift by hand and pouring all your heart into the boutique in your hand?

This sincere handicraft makes your gifts super unique - DIY Bear

Life needs condiments, and life needs colors. In the eyes of adults, children are just scribbling, but in fact, they are swaying their inspirations and releasing their imaginations. Then, are you still willing to enjoy the fun of graffiti and paint happiness and dreams?

1. About Fluid Art

Fluid art is a form of painting completed by using the natural effect of fluid motion. Just like the waves of the ocean changing all the time, the whole process is ever-changing and not controlled by human beings.

Fluid painting does not require experience and skills, the key lies in the ability of discovery and aesthetics. It is so simple that it does not require any tools, as long as there are pigments, you can draw good works.

Fluid is a modern abstract art, which is not limited to painting skills and has infinite possibilities.

And this little bear is an original anime character, with a cute shape, through the fluidity of acrylic, a variety of colors collide together, resulting in a different texture from oil paintings and watercolors. Until the last moment, never know what this bear will become.

2. The way of graffiti of the fluid bear

(1)Choose your favorite pigments for free color matching. The choice of color matching determines the style of the fluid bear. Usually, 3-4 colors are recommended. Generally, the pigments provided are relatively basic color numbers, which can basically satisfy us. want to do style.

(2)Think about your own production patterns and use your imagination to play freely

(3)Rinse and paint

(4)Set aside for a period of time and wait to dry

3. Tips:

Before coloring, you can refer to the picture and adjust the desired color, starting from top to bottom. If you encounter any colors that are not available, you can freely match them.

Fluid drawing has great uncertainty and ease of use. The production process is both decompressed and easy, and the handicapped can easily create unique and attractive fluid artworks.

Every piece of fluid violent bear cannot be copied, it is unique and unique, it is created by people, and it has strong contingency.

Art made by yourself is a gift full of heart, and it can also be a dazzling embellishment when placed on the table. It is even more beautiful if you put it on sewing clothes.

Fluid Bear is fun because you can't be sure what the paint will look like when it flows. So many times, I am pleasantly surprised by the randomness of color collisions! Sometimes it seems like a regret, but it is a blank. That's the joy of crafting, the process becomes eternity!

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