What recreational activities do you know?
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What recreational activities do you know?

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Are you off weekend? What are you doing at home? Playing mahjong is one of the most common recreational activities in China. Playing mahjong properly can not only enhance the relationship between relatives and friends, but also have many other uses.Today, let's get to know Mahjong again!

1. Mahjong, a game that integrates hands, brains and interpersonal relationships

Search for the keyword "Mahjong", and you will see the shortest and most powerful introduction to Mahjong: an intellectual game.
Compared with poker, mahjong not only pays more attention to memory ability and complex probability calculation, but also guesses the possible cards in the hands of the other three players to have a chance to win the game.

It is not enough to use the brain alone, but also to combine hand movements. On this small square mahjong table, the hand moves with the body and the heart moves, and the hand-brain coordination is brought into full play at this moment.

In addition, the most common situation in the Mahjong board is "three missing one". Between friends and friends, the relationship has gradually become acquainted.

Talking about family life at the mahjong table is a further sublimation of family and friendship.But if you think the uses of playing mahjong are just that, it's so easy!

2. Playing mahjong can reduce the risk of depression

No kidding! In a journal called "Social Science and Medicine", Chinese scientists published a paper while playing mahjong: Mahjong can reduce the risk of depression.

Because -- crucially, playing mahjong is a social participation (SP).

Social participation refers to the degree to which a person participates in a community or society and is a key factor in healthy later life. Numerous studies have found that seniors with high social participation have a significantly lower risk of depression, dementia, and death.

Playing mahjong is undoubtedly a very social activity. You have to call someone to set up a game of mahjong, you can’t even have 4 people less than 1; you have to chat, gossip and gossip, and learn about the world situation at the poker table.

The aforementioned study, which included 10,988 residents aged 45 and older, analyzed the relationship between their social participation and depressive symptoms.

These social activities include:

(1)interact with friends;

(2)Play mahjong, chess, cards or go to other community clubs;

(3)participate in sports, social or other clubs;

(4)participate in community-related organizations;

(5)engage in voluntary or charitable work;

(6)Free help is provided to relatives, friends or neighbors who do not live with the respondent.

The results found that: the more types of social activities, and the frequency is guaranteed to be once a week or more, the less depression occurs. Playing mahjong is no exception.

Looking at the essence through the phenomenon, isn't playing mahjong "participating in social interaction" and "providing free help to relatives, friends or neighbors who do not live with the interviewee", doesn't this social participation increase immediately?

Reducing the risk of depression is one aspect. On the other hand, playing mahjong can improve mild cognitive impairment to a certain extent, and maybe Alzheimer's symptoms.

One of the classic symptoms of Alzheimer's disease is cognitive decline. Simply put, cognitive ability is the ability of the brain to process daily information. If cognitive ability is impaired, people's memory, understanding and reaction speed will be significantly reduced.

In a sense, the brain is like a machine, it is not "used" for bad, but "to put" bad. It has to be lubricated with oil frequently, and then started again, in order to use it longer.

Playing mahjong is an intellectual activity. In the process of playing mahjong, it is necessary to fully mobilize vision, attention, hand activities and mental activities, and these activities can fully mobilize the cognitive function of the brain and enhance executive ability.

Sitting at the poker table, not only depends on the card deal on the field, but also remembers the cards played by other people. Every time is a challenge to intelligence. How to play cards, when to touch cards, and how to improve your odds of winning is a skill and an art.

However, playing mahjong is good but also in moderation. According to the research in the above literature, 1 to 3 times a week is a more appropriate frequency.

Mahjong is an indispensable choice for many Chinese people's leisure and entertainment.

Not only in China, this year marks the 100th anniversary of the spread of mahjong abroad. An American businessman named Babcock transliterated mahjong as "Mahjong". In the past 100 years, Mahjong has conquered countless foreigners and has become one of the most successful cultural export projects in China. They write guides, they run competitions, they even run training classes...

On this small square mahjong table, you can forget about the troubles of life, the stress of work, and the pressure of study, immerse yourself in the world of how to win mahjong, and share the time of reunion with your loved ones.

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