How to use a nail file?
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How to use a nail file?

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If you want to do good work, you must first sharpen your tools! In order to do one thing well, it is very important to prepare and understand your tools! Nail file, an indispensable nail tool. For trimming, shaping and polishing of nails or toenails.

Many people who like to do manicures at home may not have the complete set of manicure tools in the nail shop. For manicures, the first choice is to choose the appropriate style of nail polish strip nail file, which is related to the polishing effect and the damage to the nails. The next step is to find a good angle and polish it as needed, but many people are easy to master the details when manicuring. Today, I will introduce some tips for you. First let me introduce this nail file.
1. Four characteristics
(1), glass texture, hard texture, not easy to scratch, durable for 1-2 years
(2), nano-polishing technology, nano-particles, fine particles do not hurt nails
(3), the edge is polished and smooth, safe handling, comfortable hand feeling
(4) Triangular file head, the pointed tip can pick out nail dirt, which is more practical

2. Unique packaging
Multiple protection, with ABS plastic shell, thoughtful design, protect the product from being damaged, easier to carry and place

3. How to use:
(1) When using the tool, hold 1/3 of the nail file, with the tip of the nail against the nail file, and pull it straight in a direction inclined at 45 to 90 degrees. If it is a quadrangular nail, it can be pulled repeatedly.

(2), the position of the fingers, put the thumb on the index finger when frustrating the thumb.

(3) When grinding the nails on the side, make sure that the nail file must be straight.

(4) When trimming the corners, tumble in the direction of the center of the nail.

(5) When repairing the other corner, it should also be tumbled to the center of the nail, and keep the left and right symmetry.

(6) If you want to manicure the old skin on the edge of your nails, you can soak it in a hand-washing bowl filled with warm water to make it soft.

(7), roll cotton on the small wooden stick and soak it, then support it with the little finger, and press the skin upward with the small wooden stick. Wrap cotton around a small wooden stick and soak it, then use your pinky to support it and use the stick to press up against the skin in a circular motion.

(8) Wrap the gauze around your fingers and moisten them properly, and wipe up and down.

(9) The same is true for the side, and the dirt in it is removed.

(10) When there are fleshy thorns, they can be cut off with small scissors.

It seems that manicure is a very simple thing, but the steps involved are very complicated. If the manicure is not good, it will affect the coloring and effect of the nails in the later stage. I hope you can refer to my sharing in the future.

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