How to do gold foil manicure?
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By Wares of the world | 12 July 2022 | 0 Comments

How to do gold foil manicure?

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Doing manicures is really a happy thing, right? Choose the color, choose the style, and then watch the nails become richer a little bit, this feeling is really great!

What I want to share with you today is the glittering gold foil nail art. Nail art lovers are actually no strangers to gold foil. As a unique nail art accessory, gold foil is relatively common in all kinds of nail art, but don’t underestimate it. Gorgeous light luxury manicure is indispensable for its existence!

Gold foil is really a well-deserved "nail art companion". Adding some irregular-shaped gold foil to the nail art will make the fingertips have a more unique texture, which can greatly increase the high-end sense of the fingertips!

To put it simply, "gold foil manicure" is actually adding a little gold embellishment to the nail style. Some manicurists like to use the earth color as the base color, and then swipe a touch of gold; in addition, gold powder is used to create a gradient effect; some The more exaggerated style is to directly adhere small metal particles to the nail plate, the effect is very noble and luxurious.

It is really incredible that gold foil will become a decoration on nails, but now gold foil is even used in food, it seems that it is not so strange to do on nails, thin gold foil is placed on nails, and it is very docile The effect will not affect the smoothness of the nail surface at all.

So gold foil nail art attracts us not only its gorgeous appearance, but also partly because of its practicality. Gold foil can create a golden luster, but it will not be as three-dimensional as some metal nail accessories, so it will not Bring any burden to the fingertips, even if it is to take care of housework, it will not be inconvenient!

Moreover, gold foil has strong plasticity. We can use a little gold foil as an embellishment sporadically, or we can use a relatively large piece of gold foil as the protagonist. The irregular shape greatly increases the uniqueness of the fingertips, so that every piece of your nails, It can become a unique and unrepeatable existence in this world.

Let’s talk about the different methods of gold foil manicure. We usually see gold foil manicure, which is like this, adding gold foil and other luminous things on the smudged manicure, such a manicure will look more delicate, and the fingertips have Richer visual effects.

Most of the time, gold foil is used as a decoration, and it only needs a little bit to become a good embellishment. Usually, we don’t cover a large piece of gold foil on the nails, but a little bit of gold foil will make the nail look more advanced. Oh!

In addition to the use of gold foil in smudged manicures, we can also add gold foil to solid-color manicures as decoration, which will make a single solid-color manicure look bright at once, and gold is also very versatile, what color to match Neither will look tacky.

In summer, many girls like this kind of naked shell nail art, and shell and gold foil are really golden partners. Shell pieces with natural shell luster and golden gold foil will be more visually appealing. Rich layering, and both have irregular shapes, which will have a more special feeling when put together.
The super versatile gold foil really makes the manicure instantly dazzling! Seeing such a noble and fashionable gold foil manicure, are you also very moved, so choose a time to try it, you will definitely become the one who shines in the eyes of others!

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