Don't you know how to paste your phone's tempered film?
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By Wares of the world | 11 August 2022 | 0 Comments

Don't you know how to paste your phone's tempered film?

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With the popularity of large-screen smartphones, many consumers choose to attach a tempered film to their beloved mobile phone and add a "protective cover" for the purpose of protecting the screen.

I believe that everyone will have their own experience of buying tempered film. After I bought the tempered film, how should I stick it to the perfect place? This is a technical job. Here's a tutorial on how to apply tempered glass.

Before sticking the tempered film, you need to prepare: tempered glass film, wet wipes, vacuuming paper, cloth for wiping the screen, these things will basically be sent with the tempered film you buy.
The first step is to tear off the original protective film and clean the surface of the screen. If there are many stains, you can first wipe the screen surface with a non-corrosive wipe.

Then wipe off the water on the surface with a lint-free cloth. Finally, use electrostatic dust removal film to clean the fine dust on the screen.

After the cleaning process is completed, you can paste the tempered film. The tempered film has only one protective film. After tearing it off, align the tempered film with the vacancy and edge of the mobile phone, put it down slowly, and then press it hard in the middle of the screen. , the tempered film will be automatically adsorbed.

Note: When holding the edge of the tempered film with both hands, be sure not to touch the side of the film, because this will stain the tempered film and affect the effect of the film.

After the tempered film is attached, there may be some bubbles left, don't be nervous at this time, squeeze towards the edge of the screen to remove them.

Finally, use a wipe to wipe the surface of the tempered glass film and the mobile phone that have been pasted. OK, now the tempered film has been perfectly pasted. Please be patient when applying the tempered film, and don't be in a hurry. In addition, it is best to buy two, in case one is broken, it will be used as a practice, anyway, there are spares.

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