Don't you know how to do french manicures?
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Don't you know how to do french manicures?

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French manicure attracts many beauty-loving women with a low profile, and has always been an enduring classic in nail art styles. The origin of this nail name is that it is difficult to choose the nail color when the model is on the catwalk, and the white on the front of the French nail is very simple and versatile. It is said that it was spread from the French T stage, so it is called French nail.

Traditionally, a matte powder is used as the base color, and a white smile line is painted on the front of the nail. After several evolutions, there are now many French combinations. Among them, the most classic is the pink and white background color.

For beginners with no foundation, the most difficult thing about French manicure is the smile line at the front, which is very difficult to draw, but now there is a French sticker. With this French sticker, this line does not need to worry about it.

There are generally three styles that are most commonly seen on the market, smile stickers, V-shaped stickers, and curve stickers. The method is very simple, convenient and fast. Let me introduce the drawing method of French nails with French stickers:

Step 1: Apply primer
Apply primer and jelly red to the nails that have been polished and shaped. This step is very important, the primer is to protect and nourish the nail surface.
Step 2: Apply French stickers
Put a French sticker on the primed nail surface where the smile line of the real nails is attached. Tear off a strip. If the sticker is very sticky, stick it a few times on the back of your hand, so that when you tear off the sticker, you won't waste the tape that was started on the nail surface due to its good stickiness.

Step 3: Draw the French Edge
Does it feel a little weird after putting it on? It will be torn off in a while. Start drawing below. Fill the outside of the sticker with white nail polish.

Step 4: Tear off the French Edge
Once the white borders on the painting shine through, you can peel off the French sticker. Can be coated

1. After each application of nail polish, you must wait patiently for it to dry before proceeding to the next step, otherwise it will affect the nail art effect.

2. Be careful when tearing off the edge of the nail sticker. Beginners can use tweezers or scissors to complete this step.

3. In the process of painting French manicure, you must be meditative and careful, and don't be impatient, otherwise it will easily affect your technique.

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