Do you know the difference between a polishing file and a nail file?
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By Wares of the world | 22 July 2022 | 0 Comments

Do you know the difference between a polishing file and a nail file?

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In the family of nail tools, polishing files and nail files are two highly used nail tools. Whether you are doing your own nails at home or going to a nail shop, you are inseparable from polishing files and nail files.

Simply put, polishing files and nail files are used to modify and polish nails. With them, you no longer have to worry about your unsightly nails!

However, how should polishing files and nail files be used? Which to use first? do you know?
1. The difference between polishing file and nail file

A polishing file is a manicure tool used to polish your nails, with which you can make your nails look as shiny as they are coated with varnish.

Nail files are manicure tools used to modify the shape of nails. If your nails are in a ninety-degree shape, use a nail file to polish the edges of the nails to make them rounder and smoother. The surface of the nail file has abrasive particles, which are relatively coarse, so it cannot be used on the surface of the nail, but only on the edge of the nail.
2. Correct usage of polishing file and nail file

Polishing files generally have two sides, coarse and fine. The coarse side is used to polish the nails, while the fine side is used to polish the nails. So the order of use is to polish first and then polish. But no matter which surface is used, it must be in the same direction, that is, from the root of the nail to the extension of the nail, and grinding and polishing cannot rub back and forth.

The nail file should also be used very carefully, and the edge of the nail should be polished from both sides to the middle.

3. Precautions for polishing strips and nail files

Nails are actually very fragile. In addition to careful maintenance, you should also pay special attention to manicures. Otherwise, if you are not careful, the nails are either scratched or broken, and the result is not beautiful but "broken", which is really heartbreaking. So what details should be paid attention to when using polishing strips and nail files? Come and have a look!

The polishing strip has two functions: grinding and polishing. In addition to paying attention to the direction of the growth of the nails when grinding, you must also pay attention to the way, otherwise the nails will be too thin if you use force;

The polishing time should not be too long, otherwise the protective film on the nail surface will be damaged. Keep the nails dry when using the polishing file, and wipe dry with a towel if you have washed your hands, so as not to be too thin when sanding.

When using the nail file, it is also necessary to maintain one-way grinding, otherwise it will easily cause the nails to peel off. When manicuring, you should pay attention to the order of using the coarse surface first and then the fine surface. If the filing surface of the nail file becomes dull or is too abrasive, you should replace the appropriate nail file in time.

In addition, the order of manicure is first on both sides and then in the middle, but it is important to note that both sides need to be polished finely, while the middle needs to be polished and rounded.


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